Pemberton Heights

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In the late 1800’s, what is now the neighborhood of Pemberton Heights in Austin, Travis County, Texas, was a farm owned by Attorney General John Woods Harris. The Fisher family inherited the farm and established the Austin Land Company.  In 1927, the company built a bridge across Shoal Creek and began development.  Between 1927 to the early 1940s, Pemberton Heights was developed in 12 sections.  Pemberton Heights is a unique subdivision centrally located in Austin.  In its June 1998 issue, Town & Country magazine named Pemberton Heights as one of the 25 Platinum Addresses in the United States.  In 2007, the American Planning Association listed Pemberton Heights (along with the other neighborhoods Old West Austin) as one of its “great places” neighborhoods. –

The Keith House –
Gateway to Pemberton

The Keith House (1933) is a two-story, single-family residence located at 2400 Harris Boulevard. The house enjoys an unobstructed view of the Texas State Capitol from its front balcony. This view is part of the northern boundary of Austin’s protected State Capitol view zone.  For more details on the Keith House and the history of Pemberton Heights, visit .

In 2009, Pemberton Heights was an upper end subdivision that definitely saw the sale of homes – 11 listings sold in this market in 2009.  Of those sales, the average home came in at $1,029,806 with an average square footage of 3,711.  The high sale rang in at approximately $1.7M, and the low sale came in at $599k.


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