Home to Windsor Road, one of Austin’s most beautiful and famous streets, Tarrytown is usually defined as the area bounded by 35th Street in the North, Enfield in the South, MoPac in the East and Lake Austin on the West. This is a mostly an area of splendid architecture and wonderful homes, magnificent trees and park areas.

Running through the middle of the community is Exposition Boulevard which is home to many small businesses serving this Austin neighborhood, including a large Randall’s grocery store, and a second Randall’s is located at the Southern end of Exposition where it meets Lake Austin Boulevard.

Reed Park, in the heart of Tarrytown, is where area residents go to swim, hike and bike, relax and picnic.  On the Southern edge of the neighborhood is the Lions Municipal, one of Austin’s excellent municipal golf.  Deep Eddy Pool in Eilers Park is another popular nearby outdoor site just South of Lake Austin Boulevard & Tarry Town.

 The Numbers
As we look at the numbers, note that we are comparing only homes sold in the subdivision names ‘Tarry Town’ which is not representative of all communities in this local.  2009 saw 24 listings sell in Tarry Town subdivision.  The average sale came in at 2,028 square feet with a sales tag of $560,181.  The high sale was recorded at $1.3M approximately, with about 4,100 square feet.  The low sale was recorded at $370,000 with 1,254 square feet – quite the price tag for such a small home.  As you can see, location bears a pricey cost in Austin Tx.


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