Travis Heights

South of the Colorado River and tucked between Interstate 35 and South Congress Avenue, sits Travis Heights

The first development of the Travis Heights area came in the late 1880’s when the area was pitched as the ideal place to build a “country mansion” away from downtown.  To cross the Colorado River, or Town Lake, the only method of travel was by ferry. A few mansions were built, but when a new bridge was finally completed, the developers turned to smaller homes. The 1920’s saw soaring development in Travis Heights and today’s times have created sought after apartments and rentals from those older homes’ carriage houses and detached garages.

Today, the Travis Heights  neighborhood is known for its high-priced and centrally located  homes, and its politics. Many of the area residents are politically active, particularly in local Austin issues. The neighborhood engaged in the battle over development both within its boundaries and on its edges, along Riverside Drive and SOCO. Some residents are active in the battle over so-called Mac Mansions which are replacing the old 1920s bungalows in the community.

 The Numbers
2009 saw 25 sales in this subdivision with an average sale of approximately $435k, with an average square footage of 1,634.  The high sale was recorded at $1,4M, and the low sale came in at $275k. 


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